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About Us

From its early beginnings in the late 90s, Starquine has developed into the premier website for buying and selling thoroughbred horses on an online international scale. In addition, we function as a thoroughbred auction website where the terms are decided by you!

Compared to the competitive sales atmosphere, Starquine can offer the seller a place to sell you horse without paying all of the expenses! It can also be the perfect alternative to list your RNAs from a previous sale. The service is completely free to buyers. Sellers will pay a small fee to list their horse on Starquine which includes up to SIX photographs of your horse and your first EQUINELINE pedigree. After your horse goes live on Starquine, we advertise the listing on Facebook, LinkedIn, and through a weekly e-mail blast.

If you have any further questions or comments about listing your horse, you can contact Starquine at info@starquine.com or 859-299-3899.